Leader Alert; Your Team may be your Undoing

I’ve just seen it again. What’s going on here? I talked about it a few months back, and I’m certainly not out there looking for it…

Leaders with whom I have worked closely and admire, leaders who are people of integrity, are well-liked and respected and yet somehow, they make poor decisions, miss vital information, get the dynamics wrong and miss opportunities. Why? What goes wrong?

Simply, the senior or executive team around them is ineffective, but worse still, filters the information, skews the data, manipulates the figures, portrays a particular perspective, protects themselves or others and paints a picture that is not accurate nor honest.

Leaders need not only to do their recruiting well at the senior level, but need to keep their ear to the ground outside of their executive team.

To be so busy as a leader and not keep in touch with the grassroots is folly indeed.