August 30, 2016

Selecting A Coach


In Australia (as elsewhere) at the present time, there are no Government registration requirements -- anyone can call themselves a coach!

Selecting a coach to work with you is a very personal thing. It's a bit like choosing a dentist or doctor or chiropractor. Usually we do so on personal recommendation.

If you don't know anyone though who has been to see a coach, it makes the choosing somewhat more difficult.

Probably, in that regard, the most appropriate action would be to make contact with the prospective coach and have a telephone conversation asking them about themselves, their experience and their qualifications.

Ask the Right Questions of the Coach

You may like to ask your prospective coach 6 main questions:

  1. Have you had formal training in a profession or a particular field (eg, psychology, human resources)? If so, which?
  2. What coaching training have you had? How long was the training? How detailed was the training?
  3. What experience have you had as a coach? With what type of clients? Can you give me some examples?
  4. Do you have past clients that I can talk to or testimonials available?
  5. What professional associations do you belong to?
  6. Are you accredited as a coach? If so, who by?


Ask the Right Questions of Yourself

Ask yourself the following:

  1. What is my "gut feeling" about this coach -- do I feel comfortable with this potential coach? -- if not why not?
  2. Who do I know who has been coached by this coach -- what was their experience?
  3. Is this coach making wild and extravagant claims -- for example "I can help you make your wildest dreams come true" - claims like this are probably unrealistic and based more on marketing than fact.

After all, you have to feel happy with your coach - it's a kind of matching process where the relationship must work for the coaching to really be effective.

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