April 20, 2016


“Darryl is very thorough in his process of helping you identify your future career plan. What felt like a thick fog has now become clear.”
Lachlan Blieschke
Fullarton, South Australia
“As a Year 12 student, Crossways Consulting helped me to better understand myself, the jobs that might be available to me and the ways to reach my potential. Thank you!”
Laura Oliver
Aberfoyle Park, South Australia
“Gave me clear and thoughtful recommendations as to my future direction that was clearly suited to my character and personality.”
James Meyer
Robinvale, Victoria
“Dr Darryl Cross was a great help as he opened my eyes to careers I had not thought of before and provided opinions which related to and matched my personality. As well as this, Dr Darryl carefully constructed reports to assist in my future choosing of university courses and jobs.”
Caleb Hobart
Belair, South Australia
“When working with Darryl Cross, I found my strengths and personality type. This led to me working out my options for study as well as the best career options for me. Overall, this gave me clarity and goals to strive for. I would recommend Darryl to anyone.”
Ben Clarke
Millicent, South Australia
“I found out that I wanted to do a VET course and apply for TAFE. If it wasn’t for this career program, I would still probably be stuck. A great service that helped me to set goals for my future and plan ahead in the direction that best suited me.”
Sam Vaatstra
Athelstone, South Australia
“Dr Cross has provided great wisdom and insight into my character and how I might use my gifts in the best way possible.”
Ferguson McPharlin
St Peters, South Australia
“Thank you Darryl for the work you put into this career guidance for me. To see myself described on paper was amazing and to now see where I can look to focus my future career is amazing.”
Steve Moores
Encounter Bay, South Australia
“After my appointments, I felt a huge relief as I had some guidance as to what I might do in the future. Great guidance, really good support and knows what he is talking about. Thank you for your help!”
Mariana Alemao
Craigburn Farm, South Australia
“I went into this not knowing, or what to expect from meeting Dr Darryl. I came out of it with a better understanding of myself, and the new career path options available to me. But more importantly, an excellent starting guide (a report) to how, where, what, and why, in taking the next step in not only my career, but my life as well. Thank you Dr Darryl, this will lead me in good stead for the rest of my life.”
Alan Robb Hickinbotham
North Adelaide, South Australia
“I recommend seeking career guidance from Dr Darryl to anyone unsure of their next career move, or curious as to whether they’re heading in the right direction career-wise. I was unsure what I should major in with my Business Degree, but Dr Darryl was able to clarify this for me by providing clear and concise advice about my personality and typical work behaviours, which has enabled me to progress my studies and establish my career path. Thanks Dr Daz!”
Lauren O’Reilly
Osborne Park, Western Australia
“I would like to thank you for your coaching and guidance during my recent meetings with you. I found your assessment, information and resources to be clear and concise and am now motivated to further my career through study and self-development. I would recommend your services to anyone who is planning or changing their career path, are unsure which direction to take or to those who require coaching in their current careers. Thank you again for your invaluable advice and information.”
Claire Lawler
St Agnes, South Australia
“I went to Darryl Cross for career guidance because I wasn’t sure which course I wanted to study after school and which year 11 and 12 subjects were right for me. We discussed my interests and I did some exercises which explained my personality style; this then helped to guide me to an area of interest for tertiary study which I feel comfortable with.”
Alice Altree
St Peters, South Australia
“With Darryl’s career guidance, I went from drudging through life on the factory floor, to a distinction earning student on the way to a professional career. I can attest to his methods as they have worked wonders giving me the drive to achieve my goals. I would recommend Darryl’s services to anyone looking for more in life, we only live once, live it well.”
Michael Anderson
Grange, South Australia
“I once was lost, and thanks to Darryl Cross, now I’m found. Darryl was able to reveal that for most of my working life, I have truly been a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. The tester system is user-friendly, comprehensive and informative and Darryl’s easy to talk to manner and professional advice was invaluable in resolving my future happiness. Thank you again Darryl!”
Chris Piovesan
McLaren Vale, South Australia
“Dr Darryl Cross easily provided the most accurate account of who I am. He is dedicated to finding the perfect pathway to suit each individual. It put my mind and heart at ease. Definitely recommend to all who are questioning careers.”
Georgina Higginson
Burnside, South Australia
“We found the services provided by Dr. Darryl Cross to be exceptional. It has been extremely useful in helping our son plan his future career path and we would highly recommend this service to anyone with a child embarking on their life after school.”
Annie Bell
Millicent, South Australia
“We were greatly impressed at the way Darryl was able to isolate our daughter’s strengths and potentials for employment. Our daughter now approaches years 11 and 12 with high motivation and clear goals ….we cannot recommend you enough.”
Jacqui and Richard Banham
Stirling, South Australia
“I found it really interesting doing the different tests to find out where my interests and strengths lie with respect to work. It also helped to take some pressure off because I came to better understand some of the reasons why I was feeling unhappy and restless in my current line of work. I would recommend it!”
Ivana Stankov
Ascot Park, South Australia
“Darryl’s guidance helped me to see who I really am not only in my personality, but how I work and what’s really important to me in terms of values at work. I also appreciated his hard work he put into my summary report. I’m now excited about the future, and what it could hold for me. I’ve never had this satisfied feeling about life before, so thank you.”
Phoebe Taylor
Brompton, South Australia
“My future career path seemed hard to predict. This changed when Dr Darryl Cross guided me, understood the type of person I am, so that I knew what my future field of work was that I might consider. Understanding the career options I could choose has been greatly beneficial. I recommend Dr Cross if you are seeking career direction. Thank you Darryl Cross.”
Christos Kontos
Medindie, South Australia
“My search led me to Dr Darryl Cross, Crossways Consulting, to whom I posed the statement “I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up”. After an initial consultation, Darryl suggested I undergo a series of assessments. Dubiously I filled in the tests and an extremely detailed analysis on specific career recommendations was personally prepared for me – focusing on my professional interests along with my personal strengths and weaknesses. I could not believe the depth of information gleaned from my answering a series of questions in a relatively short period of time. Career recommendations that I had past considered but rejected for one reason or another were presented to me along with several recommendations that I would never have dreamt of pursuing. This is what I had been seeking – constructive vocational direction. A second consultation with Darryl provided me with insight into the depth of the report and strategies for taking this information further, turning the questionnaire into a positive step toward a new pathway. Upon Darryl’s advice and guidance I ranked the career recommendations I received in the report and narrowed my choices. I have since applied for, and was successful in obtaining, a position at Uni studying my first preference, Behavioral Science (Psych.). As a mature age entry student I am excited by the challenges, rewards and opportunities that lie ahead. Don’t know what you want to be when you grow up?” Take the tests..…discover what your future holds.”
“Darryl’s open and friendly manner made conversing and discussing career options a relaxing and enjoyable experience through his wide variety of testing methods where a thorough, unbiased and objective result was revealed. His collaboration of information was surprisingly accurate and the conclusions drawn were logical and easy to follow. It opened my eyes to many previously unconsidered occupations, some of which I found remarkably appealing. It gave me a greater understanding of my own personality and strengths which will be helpful in the future. Thanks so much Darryl, it was an enlightening experience.”
“When I came to Crossways Consulting a couple of years ago, I was unhappy in my work, very much a square peg in a round hole. After a very thorough first meeting, I was given a number of questionnaires to take away and do in my own time. The results of these were collated into an easy to read report which detailed my qualities and strengths as well as the jobs I was most suited to. These jobs included some which I would never have thought of. Since getting my test results, I now have a different career direction which has been very successful.”
Ken Rose
Nuriootpa, South Australia