April 20, 2016

Career Guidance & Coaching

What is Career Coaching?
Many of my clients require Career Coaching where the focus is on an individual's career journey whether that might be at the beginning, middle or twilight of such a journey.

For the adult, coaching might arise from questions such as:

  •  how can I get job satisfaction?
  •  how can I get a promotion?
  •  how can I find out what I really want to do?
  •  how can I find a job?
  •  how can I change career direction?
  •  how can I make a contribution?
  •  how can I find purpose?

For the young adult, the questions might be:

  •  where to from here?
  •  what course should I study?
  •  should I enrol in a post-graduate course?
  •  how can I get motivated?
  •  how can I enjoy my job?
  •  how can I get ahead?

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