August 7, 2016

Your Career Interests


Find Out Your Career Interests

What are your career interests? What kinds of jobs really appeal to you? What do you like? Which jobs might be those most suited to you?

Career interests is a great place to start if you wish to start to explore career options and which direction might best suit you.

The "Vocational Interest Questionnaire" (VIQ) has been authored by Dr Cross and Mr Garry Simcock and was one of the first career tests to be devised for Australian conditions. It also is the only test that dovetails exactly back into the "Good Careers Guide" providing national job information.

The VIQ is only a click away and can be done for a fee of $9 by going to -- at the rear of the report that you will obtain is an Action Plan that helps you to research the jobs most recommended for you.

If however, you'd like more comprehensive career guidance, then the 3-Step Program may be best for you (see