August 30, 2016

Training & Workshops

Darryl's workshops are well received and post-evaluations always give high praise to his friendly method of delivery, his knowledge and understanding, his communication style and his practical approaches.

For over 30 years, Darryl has organised and directed countless workshops mainly in the areas of:

  • Coach Training for Leaders & Managers
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Human Resources

The kinds of topics that Darryl is asked to present include:

  • Creating a Positive Culture: The keys to a successful culture
  • Training Execs & Managers as Coaches: How do you coach your people?
  • Leadership: What is it really all about?
  • Listening: The Neglected Gift
  • Work-Life Balance: Why we've lost it and what to do about it
  • Resilience: How to bullet-proof one-self
  • Career Success: The keys to the career journey
  • Communication: Everything we do is communication
  • Coping with Stress and Pressure: Yes it has increased
  • Coping with Trauma in the Workplace: It can happen
  • Counselling Skills: When someone needs a caring ear
  • Dealing with Bullies: Most of us have had to cope with them
  • Dealing with Difficult People / Customers / Clients
  • Dealing with Under-performing Staff
  • Delegating and being Assertive: What stops us?
  • Emotional Intelligence: Is it any good for business?
  • Handling Conflict and Resolving Issues
  • Happiness: How do you get it?
  • Management Styles: We're all different
  • Managers as Coaches: It's no longer about just managing
  • Positive Psychology: What does it teach us for living?
  • Self-Confidence: The keys to increasing it
  • Stopping Self-Sabotage: How to break out of it
  • The 6 Basic Needs of Human Behaviour: Why we do what we do

Feedback from his course evaluations:

"Well prepared. Knows all about the topic, well covered"

"Exceptional presenter! Friendly and accommodating"

"Able to keep my interest in the topic"

"Darryl's knowledge and skills are delivered in a competent and clear way. He is not dictatorial. Attitude is one of creating a learning environment for participants Very professional"

"Interactive. Got everyone involved, it was great"

"Very inclusive of all participants. Alert, assertive and knowledgeable"

"Easy-going, understandable and very interesting"

"The first workshop that I truly enjoyed participating in"

"He has a very good teaching style"

"Calm, knowledgeable, fun, dedicated"

"Excellent. Joined in the fun, but remained focused"

"Very easy-going and good fun. Easy to learn material when presented in this manner"

"I have studied for 48 years and still learnt more today"

"Well expressed and thorough with the presentation. Kept us all awake and filled us with information"