August 7, 2016

Career Guidance Program

How Does the Career Guidance Program Work?

Generally the approach to career guidance and planning for both adolescents and adults is a three-step process.

This process can be offered face-to-face, via the phone, or via Skype -- the choice is yours. 

In this way, clients have participated in this program from places well outside Adelaide such as Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Hobart as well as country regional areas together with countries like Ireland and Canada.

1.    An Initial Interview

This interview (for about an hour) is an important part of the guidance process, allowing us to meet the individual and essentially to get to know the person. Each individual undertakes vocational guidance for specific reasons and we feel that it is important to have this information before testing occurs.

2.    Psychometric Testing

The four or five main areas of testing are outlined below. The tests are done on-line and undertaken in the person's own time.

(i) Interests --  Measures likes and dislikes in relation to work
(ii) Values/Attitudes --  Examines what motivates people to work and what gives them job satisfaction
(iii) Personality --  Examines behavioural characteristics and their personality profile
(iv) Work Style --  Examines work styles and the way people behave at work
(v) Strengths --  Examines the core or essential aspects of the individual that define the person

3. Counselling / Feedback Session

During this session (for at least an hour), the person receives a Summary Report showing the results of the testing along with the various career options and career pathways that are highly recommended and finally, a Career Action Plan is devised. This session usually takes place 5-12 days following the completion of the testing.

Overall, the program is designed to highlight a person's strengths and talents and then find the kinds of jobs that are an extension of who they are as a person; a job that builds on their strengths.

'Round holes, round pegs and square holes, square pegs' as the saying goes.

The cost of the career guidance package is based upon the time involved in providing the advice and the reports requested.

This package includes the three-stage process outlined above plus a summary report including test results and job recommendations as discussed in the final counselling and feedback session.






As part of the service, further back-up is provided through email support.
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