Volunteering Can Give You An Edge

Volunteering your time and energy not only means that you are giving of yourself and growing personally, it also means that you are getting an edge in the employment stakes.  Going beyond yourself and leaving a legacy is a real virtue, but there is also a side spin-off in that it sets you apart in the employment market. Try it out…what have you got to lose? […]

Coping with the Knowledge Age

Get your head around this.  According to Prof Urs Gasser who is the Executive Director of the Berkman Centre for Internet and Society, and the author of “Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives,” the following is true:

  • Researchers around the world are deliberating over the question of how the meaning of “knowledge” alters in a society which produces so much information in a single year that it will fill 12 parallel stacks of books reaching from the Earth to the sun.
  • If all information on the Internet were to be written down, it would take 57,000 years to get through it all – reading non-stop 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Wikipedia is yet another example of users collectively amassing information and moulding it into a comprehensive digital encyclopaedia of surprisingly high quality. It now comprises 14 million articles written in many different languages, mostly by slightly older Internet devotees, but keenly used by the digital adolescents.
  • According to an EU study, the current stock of freeware is the equivalent of 131,000 man years of work. As the development work is largely under remunerated, the estimated annual added value of Euro 800 million is not reflected in the balance sheets for the economy.

So, how will we attempt to get across this vast avalanche of information that is not only immense in size, but is coming at us at such a rapid rate?

Will we need to employ “Information Sifters” to sort through the myriad of information and get to the crux of what we’re after?  One thing is for certain, we won’t be able to sort it through ourselves.

An ‘F’ Grade for Education

Dr Stephen Covey wrote in his book “The 8th Habit” that “We live in a Knowledge Worker Age but operate our organisations in a controlling Industrial Age model that absolutely suppresses the release of human potential [bold type mine]” (Page 15). Just substitute the word “schools” for “organisations” and you have it.

Our schools were originally designed to put students in rows in order to learn to read and write so that they could move off the farms and into the factories for the Industrial era. Not much has changed really.


Life Purpose – The Eternal Question

How is it that people are now openly talking more about one topic in particular?  Is it just me?  I suspect not.  I’ve certainly observed increasing numbers of my clients asking what might be called “eternal questions”.  “What am I here for?”,  “What legacy can I leave behind?”,  “What contribution can I make to the world?”, “How can I be of service?” and “What is my life purpose?” […]

What Is Your Basic Life Question?

Ever thought about thinking?  A funny question I know.  But that’s what thinking is.  Thinking is simply the process of asking and answering questions.

Thinking starts from the moment we wake up in the morning to the time we go to bed at night (and sometimes it stops us from going to sleep because we worry or think some more!).  Ever wondered how many questions we might ask ourselves in a single day?  I know it’s not the kind of thing that you’d normally think about, but now that I’ve asked it, what would you guess?  100 questions a day?  1,000 questions a day?  Maybe 5,000 a day?  While it can’t be empirically measured, Dr Wayne Dyer in his book, “Your Sacred Self” has estimated that we ask around 60,000 questions a day!

Now in that myriad of questions that involves both your conscious and unconscious thinking, there is one basic life question that keeps getting asked over and over again.  Did you know that you have a basic life question?  You may or may not know it, but you do.  […]