Economic Recovery

Thanks Prof Blandy for some straight-forward common sense. Sadly though, common sense doesn’t seem to be that common any more.

The essence here is to understand that governments traditionally never “lead” the people. They simply wait until there is a momentum or a ground swell and then they tend to jump on board. Hence, they are not in a position to “lead” a jobs recovery or an economic turn-around.

However, what they can do is cut the red tape and bureaucracy and make it easier for both start-ups and established businesses to do business and then simply stand back and get out of the way to allow commercial enterprises to make it all happen.

Businesses are built by entrepreneurs and innovators willing to have a crack and those willing to persist and stay the course — something governments find difficult to do.

We have a wonderful example as to what can happen just across both waters; east to New Zealand and more recently, south to Tasmania which is now starting to leave SA behind. Just what more evidence do we need?

If success leaves clues, what’s so hard for the SA government to to replicate the NZ & Tas story and get out of the way?