An ‘F’ Grade for Education

Dr Stephen Covey wrote in his book “The 8th Habit” that “We live in a Knowledge Worker Age but operate our organisations in a controlling Industrial Age model that absolutely suppresses the release of human potential [bold type mine]” (Page 15). Just substitute the word “schools” for “organisations” and you have it.

Our schools were originally designed to put students in rows in order to learn to read and write so that they could move off the farms and into the factories for the Industrial era. Not much has changed really.


Bullying at School: What To Do About It?

Although we know that bullying is common in schools, many teenagers however, will not let on that they are being bullied at school.

Adolescents may not want to say that they are being bullied because:

  • they don’t want to look or sound weak or “pathetic”,
  • they don’t want the parents to go to the school and somehow embarrass them,
  • they don’t want the teachers to know that they can’t handle it,
  • they are afraid of any further retributions if the bully finds out,
  • they don’t want to be seen as a “dobber” getting others into trouble.

Although the adolescent may not tell you initially that he or she is being bullied, typically, there are some signs… […]

Bullying at School: How Common Is It?

How Common is Bullying?

Bullying is an age-old problem.

Research in Australia by Dr Ken Rigby over a number of years where 38,000 students have been surveyed indicates that 15% of children say that they are bullied weekly.  Of these, 5% say that they are not really bothered by it at all, but 10% report feeling distressed, angry or sad as a result of the bullying. […]

Bullies at School: The Background

Who are these bullies and what are they on about?

How do you recognise them?

  • Use their presence (physical & verbal) to intimidate others
  • Bully & bombard
  • Put others down
  • Base their decisions on their personal facts now and not the facts listed in books, libraries, surveys, etc.
  • Have a need to prove they’re right now

What is their basic message? […]