Standards of Behaviour are Slipping

It’s slow. It’s subtle. We are on a behavioural slide in our society. But you probably haven’t noticed it because it’s been gradual. But it’s sinister….

The reporter from “The Advertiser” focused on swearing, but the same applies to all sorts of poor or inappropriate behaviour.

Of course, some would argue that it’s only a small thing, but lots of small things turn into big things. Some would argue that it really doesn’t matter because it’s no big deal, but lots of small changes can result in a major shift in direction. Others would argue that we’re old fashioned worrying about behavioural shifts – tell that to the young man or woman now addicted to drugs who thought that one puff was alright.

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Volunteering Can Give You An Edge

Volunteering your time and energy not only means that you are giving of yourself and growing personally, it also means that you are getting an edge in the employment stakes.  Going beyond yourself and leaving a legacy is a real virtue, but there is also a side spin-off in that it sets you apart in the employment market. Try it out…what have you got to lose?

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UK Rocks, But For All the Wrong Reasons

Early August has seen unprecedented rioting in the UK, first in London and then spreading to other parts such as Birmingham and Manchester. But this was rioting and looting with a difference; a big difference. Yes, it might have been started by the police shooting of a drug dealer in Tottenham, but the rioters in other parts of England had no concern for that particular situation.

Now that the carnage and anarchy has subsided, the real questions are being asked.

Note the following. This rioting was not restricted to any one class or ethnic group. The English press are reporting that the daughter of a millionaire has been arrested for rioting and looting as has an 18-year old young woman who has been chosen as an Olympic ambassador.

What does one speculate? There are deep cracks in the English society from the top to the very bottom. The UK Prime Minister David Cameron called it a sick society. He’s right.

And let’s not kid ourselves that it won’t happen here, because it will.

And the News Report from “Today Tonight” on Wednesday 10th August;